Myall Coast Fisherman Ted Mowbray Remembered

Ted out fishing.


THERE’s a saying amongst fishermen.

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95 percent of the fish are caught by five percent of the fishermen.

Edward ‘Ted’ Mowbray from the Myall Coast fell into that lucky five percent.

Ted Mowbray sadly passed away this year.

Ted was a generous soul who spent much of his life fishing, and teaching others how to fish.

Those who knew Ted, knew a man with a passion for fishing.

Ted was also very generous with his catch, sharing with locals, neighbours and the elderly in the community.

He had his favourite spots, places where he went for the elusive Jew Fish near the singing bridge.

While many a fisherman is left having to tell tall tales, Ted was able to tell true stories about the six foot “Jewy” that he landed locally.

Graham Easter wrote a tribute to Ted, it stated, “I returned to Hawks Nest eleven years ago, I thought I could fish, but Ted taught me how to fish, and now I can call myself a fisherman.”

Ted would say, “The fish don’t read fishing books, I fish how I catch fish”.

He was a believer in fishing alongside weeds and believed that most fish are caught close to the shoreline.

When it came to measuring a fish, Ted tended to base a catch based on whether there was a good fillet on either side rather than a length.

Graham, who considers himself one of Ted’s apprentices, remembers Ted as a true gentleman, and fishing icon from the region, someone who was always happy to have a chat about fishing and what was biting.

Ted didn’t know everyone that he saw when he was out fishing but the local fishermen all knew who Ted was.

This is one fisherman who will be remembered when the catch is landed for many years to come.



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