Myall Coast Great Lakes severe weather

Severe and terrible weather has rocked the region over the last 36 hours.IMG_1476 copy copy

Marcelle Boyling from MidCoast Water said on Wednesday morning, “We still without power in Hawks Nest, and pump trucks worked throughout the night to empty sewer pump stations.”

“It is important to note that water supplies in all areas have been unaffected and fine to use.

Power returned over night to most areas in our region affected by the wild storms on Monday night. An update on impacts to our infrastructure and services:

Bulahdelah – power returned at 3am and all our sewer pump stations are now operating. The sewage treatment plant is still without power. Residents are advised the water treatment plant is operating and the water supply is unaffected.IMG_1470 copy copy

Stroud – power has returned, all sewer pump stations are operating. The sewage treatment plant is not yet operating, however the water treatment plant is operating and the water supply is unaffected.

Tea Gardens – All sewer pump stations are operating, apart from one near the pool, and the water supply is fine.

Hawks Nest – still no power and sewage pump stations are being emptied by pump trucks, which ran through the night.

Smiths Lake – still no power, sewage pump stations being emptied by pump trucks.

We will provide another update early this afternoon.IMG_1474 copy copy

Residents are reminded the water supplies in all areas are unaffected and safe to use.

The Myall River peaked at 4.2 m

Evacuations from Lions Park Bulahdelah occurred at 3am 21 April meant that there were no stranded campers.

Call-outs were done to a couple flood inundated situations.
Reports that Stroud Street, Jackson Street, and Blanch Street were flooded.

Some residents experienced minor flooding in garages, carports, gardens.IMG_1469 copy copy

Tree hanging on power lines on Myall River Road
The flood plains of Bulahdelah
Lions park was flooded but all campers were evacuated
Water over Stroud Street

One thought on “Myall Coast Great Lakes severe weather

  1. no problems in forster / tuncurry as they cut all the trees down a long time ago that could affect power lines. meanwhile you cant get out of some parts of Pindimar and Bundabah is cut off – AGAIN! completely and utterly.
    2015 paying nearly $2000 a year in rates per lot there is no town water or sewer or digital Tv reception or mobile phoe reception. land lines are frequently out as they are now. there could be severly injured or dead people and no one would know.
    Please LGA take us out of the culpible hands of GLC as they have no interest in this part of the region. It is beyond third world.
    One can only imagine what state the already abysmal “roads” within the village are in although no doubt Ron Hartley will get on his high horse and tell us all how wondeful we have it and how Forster is far more important. How about popping in for a photo shoot mayor and tell us all how fit for the future you are from Bundabah???????
    NSW government please intervene before people die and remove us from GLC.who are incompitent beyond belief.

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