Myall Coast mum’s favourite Mother’s Day gifts

Mel Smith, Wendy Grainger and Vanessa Shultz.
Mel Smith, Wendy Grainger and Vanessa Shultz.


IT’S that time of year again, the day when you thank your mum for forcing you to eat all those green vegetables as a child and for eventually turning you into a responsible citizen.

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But with so much commercialism surrounding special celebrations these days, a group of Myall Coast mum’s agree that gifts made with love are the ones most treasured.

Mel Smith said she always looks forward to opening the Mother’s Day gifts made by her two teenage daughters.

“They always make me homemade cards which I love,” she said.

“My favorite present has been a voucher book they made with coupons for chores and a few little luxuries.”

For Vanessa Shultz, the jewelry boxes and candelabra her children made at school many years ago still have a special place in her home.

“But my favourite present has been the plates they made at preschool with handprints and fingerprints painted on them, I still have them,” she said.

As Vanessa loves the personal touches, she admits there has been one gift that didn’t quite live up to expectations.

“The worst present has been a pair of black gumboots my husband bought for me,” she said.

“They were so I could walk through the mud from the car to the house, they were just plain and drab.”

Wendy Grainger said she has “never had a bad Mother’s Day present ever”.

Homemade hearts and an “ashtray style pot” made by her children are amongst her prized possessions.

“They were all made with love, and when you’re a mother, every gift is lovely,” she said.




Mel Smith, Wendy Grainger and Vanessa Shultz.
Mel Smith, Wendy Grainger and Vanessa Shultz.

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