Myall Coast runners Ellie Gooch and Tate Bruinsma continue to impress

Myall Coast Middle and Long Distance runners Ellie Gooch and Tate Bruinsma, will be heading to Sydney Olympic Park on the 4th of September to compete at the Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships.

Ellie qualified for the 17yrs Girls 3000m, 1500m and 800m and, Tate for the 15yrs Boys 3000m.

Ellie has competed at the State Cross-Country Championships on a number of occasions, it will be her first time at State Track and Field. For Tate it will be his first also at these Championships. He has previously competed at State Little Athletics at Olympic Park.

Since the Regional Schools Championships Tate has won the Tea Gardens Fun Run 6km event and Ellie won the Female section of the 4km race. They both have been training very hard in order to be competitive at State level. I am very happy with the way they have progressed over the last month.

On Saturday 24/8, they both had a trial run at the lookout over 2kms and, Ellie simply smashed the previous Female course record, she ran a blistering 7m40, the previous record stood at 7m59. Tate ran 6m51 and, in doing so he took 29seconds off his previous best. They are both in fine form and, will be very competitive.

Ellie and Tate along with Luke Rochester have a bright future, said trainer Charles Ringuet

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