Myall Coast’s U3A’s Art and Photography Exhibition

Jan James and Sue Gemeran are ready for the exhibition.
Jan James and Sue Gemeran are ready for the exhibition.

THE Myall Coast’s U3A’s Art and Photography Exhibition, set for 1-2 October, promises to be a really exciting event.

The local U3A artists are an eclectic group who meet each Monday for their art classes.

Tea Gardens Hotel
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Lyn Chaikin from U3A told News Of The Area, “I was recently invited to visit the art class to meet them.”

“Some of the artists are quite experienced and some are enjoying art as a new endeavour.”

Ms Ckaikin said, “The whole atmosphere of the class is one of tranquility and focus.  Sheril Johnson gave a demonstration of how acrylic paint can be applied to canvas then overlaid with glad wrap.”

“The glad wrap is scrunched and deftly pulled off the canvas, then the canvas is left to dry.  When the paint is dry, the artists can add their own touches to the canvas.  The overall effect is colourful and surprisingly effective.”

After the initial exercise, most of the artists and budding artists continued with separate projects.

Some were working with water colours and some with crayons and pencils.

“It was really fun to join them for morning tea and to chat about their art and their preferred genre of painting,” Lyn Chaikin said.

This year the Art Group is exhibiting with the photography group for the Art Exhibition.

Admission is free.

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