Myall Community Arts & Craft Centre Learning how to weave and spin

SPINNER & WEAVER: Geraldine Thomas.
SPINNER & WEAVER: Geraldine Thomas.


THE art of spinning and weaving may date back centuries, but the craft is still alive and thriving in Tea Gardens.

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A few years ago, Margaret MacPherson faced a dilemma.

“What do you do when you have given your pet sheep a haircut and the result is a large gag of fleece?”

Margaret, armed with a purpose and full of enthusiasm, set out to learn how to clean and spin her fleece into a usable yarn.

So began an interest in spinning and weaving and working with wool.

Margaret is a member of the Myall Community Arts & Craft Centre who meet on Tuesdays to share their skills and knowledge and enjoy one another’s company.

Brenda Gore, is the group leader of the Spinning and Weaving group and has a wealth of information on all aspects of the craft.

“We love to welcome new members, no matter what they are interested in, be it spinning, weaving, or just to learn the many aspects of knitting or crocheting ,” Brenda said.

The group has two spinning wheels and fleece at the Centre that new members can use while learning the basics.

“Each member has their own special areas of interest and skill level.”

Brenda added, “Some just love the process of dying and combining yarns into unique combinations of colour and texture.“

“The spinning process itself, while requiring a bit of practice and patience to master, appears to be very relaxing, almost therapeutic.””

“Then the next step is to design and create something with your yarn, which can mean weaving, knitting or crocheting.”

Brenda feels that the success of a group such as this is the bond shared by like minded people who are happy to share their knowledge and skills within the group, at times taking on projects that can be worked on as a group.

They also attend workshops and retreats.




MYALL ART & CRAFT CENTRE: Spinner, Margaret MacPherson.
MYALL ART & CRAFT CENTRE: Spinner, Margaret MacPherson.

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