Myall Park Croquet Club Celebrate Christmas

Michele Weir and Suzanne Fletcher delivered a fun Christmas celebration for members of the Myall Park Croquet Club.


MEMBERS of the Myall Park Croquet Club have plenty to celebrate.

Croquet is back in full swing and Christmas is just around the corner.

Tony Jones of the Myall Park Croquet Club told News Of The Area, “Following many days of preparations Michele Weir and Suzanne Fletcher provided a Christmas feast for their fellow members of the Croquet Club on Monday 6 December.”

The weather was perfect for the party with decorated tables inside the gazebo and outside on the lawn with members dressed up for the occasion

“While some brought wine nothing could surpass the welcoming bowls of well prepared punch and pre-dinner nibbles,” he said.

Following the feast Michele held the draw for the lucky door prizes and surprised us all by providing a gift for everybody.

Suzanne thanked everyone for their support and wished all members a safe and wonderful Christmas.



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