Myall river sand dredging win for community

Local MP Kate Washington (centre) with Rick Wraight from the local Chamber of Commerce (left), Andrew Stanilands, MidCoast Coastal Management Coordinator (right) and local advocate Gordon Grainger (far right) share smiles before inspecting the progress of the sand dredging project currently underway on the lower Myall River.


FOLLOWING a boat side inspection of the lower Myall river sand dredging site, Local MP Kate Washington declared, “The sand dredging is a win win for the community, restoring the health of the Myall River and building a stockpile of sand to replenish Jimmy’s Beach.”

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The active local MP was accompanied by Rick Wraight, from the local Chamber of Commerce, Andrew Stanilands, the MidCoast Project Manager, and local advocate Gordon Grainger.

Kate Washington added, “I thank the community for its sensible and strong advocacy, without it this would not be happening. I also thank MidCoast Council for gaining the necessary approvals and funding, then making it all happen.

It was terrific to see the progress that’s already been made and I’m sure the entire community is looking forward to seeing it completed.”

The MidCoast Council’s dredging operation in the lower Myall River is now over one month into the 27 week project and progressing well with 27,000 cubic metres of sand removed from the eastern channel to date.

A total of 120,000 cubic metres of sand will be removed from the channel over the 27 weeks of the project.

The build-up of sand over time has resulted in several shallow zones throughout the channel which impede the ability of boats to move safely along the eastern channel.

Dredging will improve navigation through the channel for all boat users.

The excess sand will also benefit the Jimmy’s Beach community by supplementing the Winda Woppa stockpile, combating erosion via the sand transfer system.

Andrew Staniland, the Coastal Management Coordinator for MidCoast Council added, “As of 26 June 2020, I can confirm that the dredge has moved 27,000 cubic metres to the Winda Woppa stockpile. The dredge contractors have experienced some blockages, however, are managing to average 1,000 cubic metres daily. The dewatering and stockpile management is working perfectly, with clean clear water being returned to the port. Several weeks in and everything is running smoothly and to schedule. The dredge will continue to place sand on the stockpile. While the total cost of the project is $1.7million, Council successfully received $850,000 in funding through the NSW Government’s ‘Rescuing Our Waterways’ program, to cover half of the costs.”

Boat users are advised to be aware of changed conditions in the area during the works period, including underwater, anchored pipelines and limited thoroughfare in the channel.

A second closure of the boat ramp will be required at the end of the dredging, which is expected to be in October.

For further information and to keep up to date with this project, visit Council’s website


By Sandra MURRAY


Aerial photo encompassing the planned dredging areas of the eastern channel of the lower Myall River (Source: MidCoast Council).


Map of the proposed dredging area and related environmental impacts (Source: MidCoast Council).

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