Myall U3A Photography Group select April photograph

Noel Collingridge’s photo of Blue Triangle butterflies.


EACH month Myall U3A Photography Group selects a photograph to highlight in Myall Coast News Of The Area.

As an example of work presented at the Group’s April meeting, the Conveners selected a photograph of butterflies taken in the area.

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“The two Blue Triangle butterflies were feeding on the flowers of an ivory curl tree in my Tea Gardens backyard,” noted the photographer, Noel Collingridge.

“Even though the shot was taken at a fast shutter speed, the left wing of the butterfly on the right is blurred as their wings continue vibrating even when feeding.

“My interest in insects and wildlife was stimulated by my uncle Emil Zeck, an entomologist with the Department of Agriculture, during visits to my home in Mittagong when I was eight years old,” he added.

For more information about the Myall U3A Photography Group, contact the Conveners at [email protected].


By Donald NAUDE

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