Nambucca artists show ‘Mixed Palettes’ at Macleay Valley Community Gallery exhibition

‘I SEE YOU’ by Keith Tait is a light-hearted look at things that go bump in the night.


‘MIXED Palettes’ is an exhibition of paintings by three local Nambucca artists to be held at the Maclean Valley Community Gallery, from 18 – 29 August.

Virginia Whitehead is an artist who works with metallic paints and found pieces to create abstract textured works, to encourage people to see the beauty in discarded objects and not just images.

Virginia told News Of The Area, “I like to base some of my art works on the fibonacci spiral principle.”

Keith Tait is an extremely visual artist, progressing from psychedelic doodlings to theatre backdrops, while working as a Theatre Designer.

He’s an artist who loves exploring colour textures and tone, with a strong influence from the Impressionist period.

“I’m a visual person and am quite happy to allow the observer to find what they will in my paintings,” he said.

Eugenio Martini is an environmental artist who creates artworks from recycled, reused and found objects, including micro plastics.

His 3D artworks often include lighting to illuminate awareness of environmental issues.

“Using roadkill bones in my 3D artworks is my way of honouring the death toll of Australian fauna,” said Eugenio.

Keith summed up, “All three of us are members of Nambucca Valley Arts Council, and exhibit in the Stringer Gallery regularly.

“We are also neighbours, so have plenty of time to share our mutual enthusiasm for art.

“We approached the Maclean Valley Art Gallery after a shared visit to see a friend’s exhibition.

“It’s an excellent gallery and gives us the opportunity to exhibit a lot more of our pieces, as well as a goal to produce more works.”

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