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RED Cross will feature a monthly column that will provide assistance to a wide cross section of our community.

What’s happening here?

Red Cross Emergency Services Recruitment

Our volunteers constantly strive to support communities through work in Recovery, Evacuation or Recovery
Centres as well as working with communities through Outreach.

We are always encouraging people to join our inspiring Emergency Services team in the Nambucca Valley and consider this volunteer role as a way to help others.

The Emergency Services Recruitment process for volunteers involves five steps:

1) Submit your application
2) Meet with us
3) Complete some checks (Police and Working with Children)
4) Get Started (complete online modules)
5) Complete Psychological First Aid Training (on-line or Face-to-Face)

If you feel you would like to join the team, please direct your questions and application via email to
[email protected].

Red Cross Emergency Ready Week: 20-27 September (COVID restrictions permitting)

During this week Red Cross will be providing information for residents who were impacted by the floods in
Nambucca Heads via letter drops with details on ‘Protect what matters’ and ‘Are you ready for an Emergency?’

During this week, our Red Cross Teahouse in Bowra Street, will be opening their doors to people who simply
want a chat over tea or coffee.


Much of NSW has been through many challenges from fires to floods.

Thanks to generous financial support from the public, Red Cross has been able to assist 40,107 on their recovery journey.

At the local level, we have provided support at the Macksville Recovery Centre this year to 1,173 people who have passed through the doors seeking support and assistance.

The centre was a true testimony to the commitment of many agencies over an 11-week period of duration.

Just when we thought some type of normality was back, we were faced with COVID-19.

Support by Red Cross has previously been provided to those who have been in quarantine and currently we
are assisting temporary visa holders accessing Emergency Relief through the MSS (Migrant Support Services)

If you know of someone who is self-isolating, please share this link:


ns[email protected]


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