Nambucca Heads HSC student delivers his Major Work to school…an 18ft sailboat

Mark Robinson, a Year 12 HSC student at Nambucca Head High School delivers his Design and Technology Major Work to teacher Hollie Pellatt.


MARK Robinson, a Year 12 student at Nambucca Heads High School, required his dad, Michael, to take his HSC Design and Technology Major Work to school for marking.

Au contraire to copping out, the lad had built an 18ft sailing boat and needed Dad’s expertise driving the trailer to shift the boat from A to B.

“I was inspired to build a sailboat when I went on a family reunion to the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland and stayed on a yacht for seven days on the seas and loved it,” Mark told News Of The Area.

“While there, Dad and I were looking at the different sailboats and thought it would be a cool idea to build one from scratch.”

They bought the plans online from The Stevenson Projects website and Mark decided to incorporate it into his HSC Major Design Project.

“The plan was to build a sailing boat made entirely out of 12mm marine grade plywood while using Titebond waterproof glue.”

Mark was interested in the skills he’d learn along the way, in boat building, woodwork, sailing as well as learning about himself and his capabilities.

“The impetus was to push myself out of my comfort zone to see how I would react and succeed or fail in the making of the project.

“I also wanted to challenge myself to take on a project that was bigger in expectations than I’m used to.

“Now the boat is finished I’m so relieved and happy.

“I’m glad I experienced this journey from building something completely from scratch to a functional sailboat.

“I also got to build my skills as a Design and Technology student which was one of the most important goals during construction; using the different power tools and the different methods to construct a boat.”

And the teachers’ reaction?

“Thrilled; I want to thank my teachers Hollie Pellatt and Nigel Hazelwood for giving me advice and support during the tough times of Covid-19, I wouldn’t have completed my project without their appreciated help,” Mark said.

Mark also reserved thanks for his dad Michael, who was able to assist in a typically dad fashion.

“Lucky, I had him because I have little to no experience driving with a trailer so it probably would have ended badly if I’d driven it.”




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