Nambucca Heads Library precinct renovations at tender stage

Nambucca Heads library, courtyard and the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre.


THE Nambucca Heads Library renovations are a step closer to getting started.

Nambucca Valley Council has advised News Of The Area that, “The final detailed design plans have been completed and the construction of the upgrade is now at the tender stage.

“Tenders close at the end of June and will be assessed by a tender review panel and a recommendation put to Council in July.”

Marlene Griffin, Nambucca Valley Arts Council Volunteer, contacted News Of The Area to share some community concerns about the proposed refurbishment of Nambucca Library.

Ms Griffin stated that people are concerned about the impact the refurbishment in the current form will have on the usability of the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre.

“The Arts Centre has a long history of providing entertainment to the community from both local and touring theatre and musical groups,” Ms Griffin told News Of The Area.

The initial concept plans, stated Ms Griffin, were put out for comment by Council two and a half years ago and 47 responses were received, 46 of which were received within the time frame.

Ms Griffin said, “Of these only three were in favour of the plans, and there are overwhelming community concerns about the plan.”

One major concern relates to the proposed changes to the courtyard between the Arts Centre and the Library.

This will be landscaped, with seating put down, and a fence with a gate installed.

The landscaping of the courtyard, and the inclusion of the seats, will mean that the area that has been used to unload equipment and enable disabled and elderly access will no longer be available for use.

When asked about the reduction of space Mr Robert Hunt, Assistant General Manager CS from Nambucca Valley Council, said, “The current bus stop will cease as there is another bus stop around the corner.

“This area will become a loading zone with a pram ramp in the kerb where musicians for example can unload and load their instruments.

“Their vehicle will have to be legally parked somewhere else until the concert/event has finished.

“There will also be a No Standing Zone which will allow the elderly and others to be dropped off and picked up if attending an event.

“There are already two disabled parking spaces in the immediate area.”

Mr Hunt said that with the current arrangement, “There is a definite safety issue with vans, buses and other vehicles crossing the footpath to park in the courtyard and then reversing out onto the road when pedestrians are around.

“The courtyard will become a better utilised space by the community when it is upgraded and becomes part of the library and cultural centre facilities and will vastly improve what is currently somewhat of an eyesore in the Nambucca CBD.”

Safe evacuation from the Centre is also an issue, said Ms Griffin.

News Of The Area contacted Council, who wish to assure the community that there is no need for concern.

“There are ample emergency exits located in the hall including front, side and rear emergency exits.

“The courtyard is proposed to be fenced and gated, however patrons can still exit through the gate as well as the double front doors and rear exit,” said Mr Hunt.



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