Nambucca local Annamarie Cohen is about to hit the Jetty Theatre stage in a new Australian comedy

Annamarie Cohen rehearsing for her role as Zelda in CHATS Productions next comedy play ‘In Bed with the Bishops’. Photo: David Tune.


NAMBUCCA local Annamarie Cohen is about to take to the stage at the Jetty Memorial Theatre in Coffs Harbour in the role of Zelda in a new Australian comedy called ‘In Bed with the Bishops’.

Written by Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Monash University Rob Selzer the play has only been performed three times since it was written in 2019 and will be put on this time by Coffs Harbour Amateur Theatrical Society (CHATS).

This marks Annamarie’s second foray into local theatre in Coffs Harbour, having previously been in the ensemble for Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Companies (CHMCC) production of ‘South Pacific’ in 2019.

‘Bishops’ is the story of Dr Jack Glass, a couples therapy psychiatrist who is attempting to help power couple Betty and Barry Bishop conceive a baby, and is told through his consultation with Zelda, his professional supervisor.

Both Jack and Zelda are Jewish, and Annamarie is revelling in her role, which is described by author Rob Selzer as, “Old. Looks like Golda Mier, talks like her too.”

Annamarie told News Of The Area, “This is so much fun, but challenging as well as I haven’t been in a play before. “Zelda is a chance to bring together all of the Yiddishe Mamma’s I have met in my life.”

The story unfolds as Jack discusses with Zelda the ups and downs of his therapy sessions with the Bishops with flashback scenes showing what actually happened.

Jack’s story of his experiences with the Bishops develops until it catches up with the present, and we get to see how the whole complex situation comes to a climax.

Assumptions, manipulation, secrets, unethical behaviour, and a messy divorce among other things all combine to drive Dr Glass to distraction as he tries to come to terms with Betty Bishop’s power persona and attempts to help her achieve her goal of having a baby.

The show opens at the Jetty Memorial Theatre on Friday July 9, tickets are available from the theatre on 02 6648 4930 Tuesday through to Friday 12 noon to 4pm or online at


By David TUNE

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