Nambucca locals in uproar over bout of vandalism and theft at the V-Wall

A wrecked solar light.


LOCALS are upset and astonished at the destruction that was caused on Friday, 17 September 2021 at the V-Wall.

News Of The Area was contacted by a regular walker of the area on the morning of Saturday, 18 September after they had seen the damage that had been caused.

Many of the solar LED lights along the V-Wall walkway leading up to Wellington Beach had been needlessly vandalised.

The number has been counted at 23 solar LED lights damaged… smashed and with parts missing.

Early morning walkers were greeted with smashed glass all over the path.

News Of The Area has been advised of further vandalism and theft at the holiday park.

A camper had their tables and chairs removed, plus some fishing gear stolen from their car, on the same night.

Detective Chief Inspector Darren Jameson from Nambucca Valley Police is aware of the incident and it is currently under investigation.

The incident has led some locals to question whether the installation of security cameras at the location would be an effective deterrent.

Michael Coulter, GM Nambucca Valley Council said, “Scale of vandalism is far bigger than what people see in the Nambucca Valley.

“Toilet blocks, playgrounds, parks across a large area are vandalised,” said Mr Coulter.

“Security cameras can be helpful in policing sometimes.

“But depending on the age of the people involved they are not always a solution.

“People wear hoodies to cover their faces, they disguise themselves.

“The security cameras don’t always act as a deterrent, and are often damaged themselves.

“The cost to install and maintain the cameras is questionable when dealing with low level vandalism.”

Mr Coulter said that the LED Solar lights will be replaced.




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