Nambucca Men’s Bowls Results


ANOTHER week of some overcast and cold weather, but that didn’t deter the bowlers at Nambucca Heads Bowling Club.

It’s great to see the number of bowlers increasing, especially on a Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday club selected triples saw a good turnout of 40 bowlers.

The winning team was Peter Dawe, Owen Smith and Maurie Roberts.

Second place went to Alan Cosi Cosgrave, John Richo Richards and Paul Pushbike Michel.

Third place was Ian Drum Poletti, Cec Smith and Ray Long.

The lucky losers for the day were the team of Mick Boyle, Glen Brady and Terry Steele.

The lucky bowler was Garry Towner who collected $15 but just missed out on the jackpot of $120.

Friday men’s triples attracted 52 players in what were overcast and at times wet conditions.

The winners of the day were Doug Cedelland, Aaron Cedelland, Dallas Nancarrow and Frank Ronan.

Second prize went to Peter Meehan, Frank The Tank Wesley and there he is again, Paul Pushbike Michel.

Third place for the day was won by Mick Audsley, John Penguin Stewart and Bill Miernik.

The lucky losers for the day were, The In A Dream Team of Mino Bettanin, Don Ireland, Cec Smith and Harry The Rock (even when these blokes lose they still get a prize).

The lucky bowler was John Stewart who collected $15 but unfortunately he couldn’t get the jackpot of $420, much to the crowd’s delight.

Saturday saw the first round of the club major pairs.

With conditions bordering on cyclonic, it was always gonna be a tough day on the greens.

John Richardson and Terry Snowden 19 def Adam The Terminator Rostron and Ken Darcy Rostron 11, Ian Drum Poletti and Danny Curran 23 def Shaun Smith and Terry Steele 18 in what was a close encounter, Mick Manchester Ellison and Harry The Rock 19 def Bob Red Wine Sutton and Syd Campton 15 in a match that came down to the wire, and Bruce Mason and Alan Cosgrave 34 def Peter Meehan and John McCollom 7, in a game in which the only time the umpire was called was to get a couple of beers for John and Peter, but clearly they needed much more than that.

Sunday afternoon saw the 2nd round of the triples being played, with some blockbuster matches that saw some of the favourites battle it out against each.

Ian Poletti and Danny Curran 24 def John Richardson and Terry Snowden 11, Bruce Mason and Alan Cosgrave 19 def Mick Ellison and Harry The Rock 12 in a very close encounter, Tony Urquhart and Grant Lawrence 26 def the defending pairs champions of Graham Porter and Doug Cedelland 9, Johnny Rowdy Reynolds and Ken Summerville 25 def Bill Mangroves Coughlan and Joe Francks 11, Chris Brownlie and Graham Hunt 21 def Tony Stokes and Owen Smith 20 in a seesawing battle that could’ve gone either way and came down to the last bowl of the match, Tyrone Roadmap Webber and Paul Pushbike Michel def Mark Navigator Blackford and Aaron Cedelland 7, Rhys Riddell and Paul Red Dog Ward 19 def Mino Bettanin and Cec Smith 13 in a match that was a battle of two of the favourites and neither side disappointed in a high class match and Peter Dawe and Barry Redman 20 def Mike James and Dennis Graham 13.

Next week sees another busy schedule with Club selected triples on Wednesday at 1pm, nominated fours and triples on Friday at 1pm, the 3rd round of the major pairs on Saturday at 1pm and the semi final of the pairs on Sunday at 1pm.

Sunday morning bowls is also scheduled for 10.30am, so if you’re not involved in the championships head on down and have a game.


By Angry’s CORNER

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