Nambucca Nippers unstoppable, even with foam and low visibility

Main Beach closed.


ON Sunday 28 November the Nambucca Nippers headed down to the beach, excited to be attending their third session of the season after the previous week was cancelled owing to heavy rainfall.

There was also excitement about the fittings and new ownership of the Nippers t-shirts for the season, sponsored by Valla Real Estate, and the group photo for the season.

Easy parking spots are always taken up early and quickly, with those arriving a little later taking parking spaces heading up the hill.

Walking down to the beach, with Nippers excited about the 1.5 hours ahead, everyone was greeted by an unswimmable surf for the session.

The foam on the beach, and the lack of visibility in the water owing to the recent storms, meant that the beach was closed for swimming.

Nambucca Heads Surf Lifesaver Honi said, “With the foam on the beach we just don’t think it is safe for the kids to go into the water.

“Some will be fine, but some may get ear infections or sore throats, and we just don’t want to risk it.

“Also the visibility in the water is so poor we wouldn’t be able to see if there was a log or something else hidden in the water that the Nippers may run or swim into.

“We have to put safety first.”

Even though the beach was closed for water activities the Nippers still exercised, listened and learnt for the session.

There were games set up on the beach by the adult and teenage volunteers of the club which created a lot of huff and puff.

Nippers, in their age groups, also spent time observing the Inflatable Rubber Boat (IRB) and Surf Rescue emergency vehicle.

They learnt about the different features and uses of the vehicles.

The next Nippers session is at Main Beach on Sunday 5 December, let’s hope there is no foam and more sun.




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