Nambucca Reds U10s beat Urunga Raiders U10s in energetic performance

Nambucca Reds U10s vs Urunga Raiders U10s Coronation Park Nambucca Heads


THE Nambucca Reds U10s played against the Urunga Raiders in an energetic match played under blazing sun on Saturday 24 April at the Nambucca Reds home ground at Coronation Park.

The match ended with a 16-0 win for the Nambucca Reds.

The teams played with great sportsmanship and the end result was a stunning win for Nambucca.

The match was energetic and displayed impressive fancy footwork, covering lots of ground throughout.

It was a huge win for the Nambucca Reds, and both teams played the field with great intensity and focus.

Encouraging calls throughout from both coaches display the level of the support that these youngsters are receiving at this stage of their skill development.

Graham Montgomery, coach of the U10s Urunga Raiders described the Nambucca Reds as “A well oiled machine.”

When talking about the Urunga team, Glen said, “Obviously a lot of our team haven’t played before, but to see them grow, that’s the good part about it.”

“That’s all I want our guys to do, to try hard and to have a go.

“It’s all about fun.”

Nambucca Coach Ryan Flack said, “I thought the way we played was outstanding really.

“We have four new kids, I think three that have never played before.”

“It’s quite good to have that mix of levels and skill, so hopefully it pushes the ones that haven’t played before a bit quicker because the other kids are already at a level that they might be able to pick up off them.”


By Rachel McGregor-Allen

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