Nambucca River Jockey Club secures funding for Running Rails at the Bowraville Racecourse

The old rails at the Bowraville Racecourse soon to be replaced.


IT is an exciting time for the Nambucca River Jockey Club with the approved funding for new running rails to be installed at the race course in Bowraville.

An agreement proposed by the Country Racecourse Development Fund was signed on June 14 by the Nambucca River Jockey Club to fund the provisions of the material and transportation costs that are associated with the new rails and components.

The Board of the Nambucca River Jockey Club are pleased to announce that a new running rail will be installed at the Bowraville Race Track in the coming months.

The installation of this new rail will be completed by Club members and will be supervised by the supplier Simtrack.

“We have a great crew of volunteers,” Nambucca River Jockey Club Secretary Geoff Harris told News Of The Area.
“The Nambucca River Jockey Club is completely run by volunteers.”

The Nambucca River Jockey Club prides themselves on their positive working relationship with Racing NSW, and it is this ongoing support that has facilitated exciting new projects for the club.

The new improvements to the Bowraville Racecourse follow previous funding projects.

The most recent project to enhance and improve the Racecourse was the installation of an irrigation system.

The irrigation project and running rails project will exceed a $2000,00.00 value of improvements to the small and renowned Bowraville Racecourse.

“The Board of the Nambucca River Jockey Club enjoys the full support of Racing NSW and this support ensures that facilities for racing in the Nambucca Valley will be continually maintained and upgraded into the future,” Mr Harris said.

Fabulous news for this Nambucca Valley icon.

If you would like an exciting day of races in beautiful winter sun be sure to head out to the Bowraville Racecourse on June 26 for The Bellingen Cup meeting.




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