Nambucca Valley Artist in the Spotlight: Who Is Annie Seaton?

Local author Annie Seaton.


VALLEY sensation Annie Seaton, better known to the locals in the region as Anne Smith, has been writing for over ten years.

Annie is a successful hybrid author, which means Annie not only publishes her own works but is an author writing for Harper Collins Australia.

Inspired by the Australian landscape, Annie, with her husband Ian, leaves the Nambucca Valley every winter to roam the remote areas of Australia for story ideas and research.

Annie told News Of The Area, “At the moment we are very fortunate to be on the road.

“Travelling north for the winter each year lets me discover new places and explore this amazing and beautiful country that we live in.”

When asked what her books are about, she said, “There are three key themes that I am passionate about and these resonate in my stories.

“First is my love for Australian landscape and the potential for it to be under threat, be that by tourism, corrupt business or government.

“Secondly, I like to take the reader on a journey from their armchair, to places they might not be able to travel to.

“I only write about a setting I have been to and explored myself.

“Thirdly, I like to gently explore the human condition, whether that is depression, tragedy, or resilience.”

Annie uses her novels to bring awareness to many issues through fiction.

When asked what she loves about writing, Annie stated, “I love telling stories that enable readers to visit places they may never see, this gives me great satisfaction as does writing about the importance of family and friendship.”

Her talents are widespread and not just centred on writing alone.

Annie has mastered the art of editing, formatting, self-publishing, marketing and cover design.

With so much experience and expertise behind her, Annie is a key player in supporting aspiring authors on their writing journey as she enparts her wisdom to those willing to learn.

Annie said, “Meeting and forming friendships with other talented local authors is a wonderful part of living and writing in the Nambucca Valley.

“We have so much talent here!”

Her most recent novel, ‘Osprey Reef’ is due for release November 2021 and can be found in bookstores throughout Australia.

When Annie’s first print book ‘Kakadu Sunset’ was released in 2015, the Australian Women’s Weekly said, “Crisp, tense and fast-moving storytelling, Seaton absolutely raises the bar in rural fiction.”

With over fifty books to her name you can find Annie’s self-published books at and her traditionally published books through all leading bookstores Australia wide.

You can follow Annie’s writing journey on Facebook and Instagram.



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