Nambucca Valley Bridge Club


WEEK ending Saturday 11 December 2021.

Monday 6 December.

Phil directed a 4 Table Howell.

Winners: Richard Levy and Kent Taylor.

Runners-up: Phil Booth and Robert Marshall.

Tuesday 7 December.

Carol had a three table Howell.

Winners: Jane and Greg Wood.

Runners-up: Barbara Lott and Leonie Harrison.

Thursday 9 December.

Mike directed a 5 ½ Table Mitchell.

North/South winners: Phil Booth and Glen Hallet.

Runners-up: Mike Siford and Colin Tolley.

East/West winners: Richard Levy and Joanna Halioris.

Runners-up: Janet Dyson and Maureen Cowan.

Saturday 11 December.

Robert directed a 3 ½ Table Howell.

Winners: Mike Siford and Kent Taylor.

Runners-up: Rob Marshall and Phil Booth.



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