Nambucca Valley Business Womens’ Network Shift to Evenings for Biggest Turnout Ever

NVWBN committee members Libby Foster, Stacey Connell, Sara Runciman, keynote speaker Amy Pettingill, Diana Wilkinson, Lynette Howle and Nicky Baade.


THE Nambucca Valley Womens’ Business Network (NVBWN) reported its largest turnout for their first ever evening meet up.

Committee member Sara Runciman spoke with News Of The Area about the decision to change things up.

“This is our fourth year in operation and up until now we have just been doing morning meetings from 7.30 to 8:30 and monthly meetings.

“After COVID and some reflection time we decided to alternate between morning and evenings and have been heartened by the turnout as a result,” she said.

“The evening meeting was our biggest meeting so far at the Star Hotel with the view and colour changing in the background.”

Keynote speaker Amy Pettingill talked to the group about the importance of knowing and working with your own strengths.

“It was beautiful and we look forward to our next evening meeting,” said Ms Runciman.

“There’s a whole cohort of women that the previous model missed.

“For many women the morning meetings are beyond impossible, for example if they have younger kids or any kind of restrictions that stop women getting out of the home early.”

The NVBWN is also working hard to meet where women are.

“We do go from town to town as we don’t have a set meeting place so we felt it fit to try and make it as easy as possible for women to come.

Ms Runciman said the members and guests are a 50/50 blend of women who run their own businesses and women who work for others.

“Our next guest is a woman who has run her own business for 40 years and we are really looking forward to hear from her how she sustains that, especially in the one on one service industry.”

Belinda Foley will be speaking at the next event, taking place in June, when it shifts back to a breakfast meeting.

Ms Foley, a homeopath and natural therapist, is the second longest serving homeopath in Australia, serving her community on the mid-north coast of NSW for thirty four years in Macksville.

Mrs Foley will speak about the importance of a sustainable career path.

She continually seeks to improve her natural health business, expanding in both knowledge and modalities, combining her different personal interests and life management skills.

The breakfast will be held on 10 June at 6.45 am at Wharf Street Cafe at Nambucca Heads and is a ticketed event.

The NVBWN have a membership


By Sandra MOON

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