Nambucca Valley Council are calling for submissions for the proposed changes to the Companion Animals on Leash and off leash Policy

Proposed map of amendments at Thistle Park Macksville.


The Nambucca Valley Council is looking to amend its current Companion Animals on Leash and off Leash Policy.

The areas in question are the section of beach between Swimming Creek to Main Beach, Nambucca Heads, and Thistle Park Sports Field, Dudley Street, Macksville.

In the area between Swimming Creek and Main Beach, this amendment request was due to a matter raised by the Vehicular Access to Beaches Committee.

They were requesting the section of beach, a 350m long section, become a dog on a leash area between the hours of 6:00pm-9:00am as it was previous to the 2019 amendment.

The reason for this request is due to the heavy congestion of the Swimming Creek carpark as dog owners are currently using this as the access to the beach where dogs are permitted.

If the request is granted and dogs are allowed on the leash in this 350m section, it is believed that the traffic will spread between the two car parks of Swimming Creek and Main Beach Nambucca Heads.

The second area in question is the Thistle Park Sports Field, Dudley Street, Macksville.

There have been complaints by community members that dog owners are allowing their dogs off the leash to exercise in this park and leaving faeces behind.

There are also great concerns there will be a dog attack.

Currently dogs are not permitted in the sporting field area but are allowed to be in the outer areas on a leash.

The options for amendment in order to create balance between those not wanting dogs in the park and those needing this area to exercise their dogs are:

– To increase the signage clearing explaining where dogs are prohibited and where they are allowed on a leash.

– Alternatively, provide and clearly mark three sections.

1) A section South of the playing fields where dogs are allowed off the leash when no sporting events are on.

2) The section around the playing fields where dogs are to remain on a leash.

3) All dogs are prohibited on the playing fields.

The Nambucca Valley council are calling for submissions from the community regarding their views on these matters and the possibility of amending the current policy.

Submission will be received until 4:30pm on Friday May 28.

All written submissions are to be posted to The Nambucca Valley Council PO Box 177 Macksville or emailed to council




Proposed map of amendments to Swimming Creek -Main Beach Nambucca Heads.

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