Nambucca Valley students back to school and adapting to Covid-19 restrictions


TO say that Covid-19 has impacted all Australians is a fairly broad understatement, but impacts have been especially felt in the educational arena, dating back to when schools were forced to adapt quickly to online learning.

“It was amazing to see how creative and dedicated our staff were and how good our students were online,” said Simon Doyle, Assistant Principal of Bishop Druitt College, reminiscing with satisfaction over how his school and students adjusted to remote learning in 2020.

“Year 12 students were very worried about the HSC, work and study, and to help them we reduced all assessments by one task last year (and other schools did the same).

“Staff were rotated through the campus so that we could help supervise essential workers and children.

“It was also a place for us adults to meet or help each other.”

While remote learning is now a distant memory for most students, with cases in Sydney continuing their expansion into the triple digits, it remains a possibility a period of online learning may be enforced again.

This week has seen school students return for term 3 across the Nambucca Valley.

However, the beginning of terms brings with it a new set of restrictions in place, including the wearing of masks indoors at school.

“I’m not too bothered by the current restrictions in terms of wearing a mask indoors.

“I can deal with the mask, but it definitely is not the most pleasant thing to have on your face for long periods,” said Nambucca Valley Year 12 student Max Englert about the new restrictions in place.

“I’ve noticed large amounts of people who are complaining about the use of a mask, especially those with glasses.”

While not everyone is satisfied with the newest restrictions, most are choosing to cope with the changes and follow the rules.

“I think it’s definitely a big change having to get used to constantly putting on a mask but if that’s what we have to do to still be lucky enough to attend school face to face and able to see our friends then it’s definitely something that I’m sure all of us will start adjusting to,” said Ellie Spain, Year 12 student from the Nambucca Valley.

Thankfully, the restrictions shouldn’t have too great an impact on the students’ ability to prepare for upcoming HSC exams after a chaotic year.

“The new restrictions in our school regarding wearing masks in class are taking some time to get used to.

“On my first day back at school, the new restriction on masks was weird to adapt to but it didn’t affect my ability to learn.

“Like myself, many students and teachers get uncomfortable with wearing a mask for long periods of time when class is in session.

“Although, when we get breaks between classes, it’s such a relief for everyone to get a breath of fresh air outside the classroom,” said Year 12 Nambucca Valley student Tracy Nguyen.


By Rhys GLEESON, Junior Reporter.

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