Nambucca Valley students offer lockdown study experiences

Students have returned to remote learning as NSW enters lockdown. A local students’ set up.


“I’M hoping we don’t have to do this online learning because it’ll put a lot of stress on people.”

That was the message from HSC student Bryce Pike, echoing the thoughts of many Nambucca Valley students who endured remote learning in 2020.

But after roughly a year and a half, COVID-19 has forced local students into remote learning again, as the state of NSW was pushed into a state-wide lockdown on Saturday afternoon.

However, it’s not doom and gloom for all students.

“I much prefer remote learning as I can do work when I want,” said Nambucca Valley student Kate Payne.

While some HSC students see this type of learning as beneficial, others see it in a negative way and simply struggle with it.

“As a HSC student, I don’t really like how we are going into remote learning again because the HSC is just around the corner,” remarked Tracy Nguyen.

“There is still a lot of content to learn for most of my subjects and not a lot of time to do it.

“I find it better to learn face-to-face in class, although, due to this lockdown and the spread of the coronavirus, it is safer for us to do remote learning.

“A lot of my plans have been cancelled due to the lockdown, so I’m trying to find myself other things to do at home during this time.

“The only problem I have with lockdown is coping to stay at home for long periods of time without getting anxious or bored.”

The experience has certainly made some local students appreciate the school environment.

“I think with the first lockdown last year I really was able to knuckle down and study, however with being in Year 12 and the fast approaching HSC exams, I’m finding it a lot more stressful and difficult,” said Nambucca Valley HSC student Lillah Hoffman.

“I prefer learning from school as I’m able to access teachers immediately, books from the library, computers and even the school internet without having to wait.

“The recent lockdown’s pushed back my exams and prevented me from finishing some of my coursework required for the HSC.”

In addition to issues with study, students are reporting mental health impacts from the lockdown.

“Lockdown is no doubt impacting my mental health, as I’m sure it is with everyone.

“I already struggle with mental health issues which have worsened due to school stress and now the lockdown,” said Lillah.

“Even though we’re told not to worry, I still fear the uncertainty of the entire situation and how my future will play out after school.

“But, if I can identify a positive of this, I will say that it’s nice to have just a little more time to study and finish what I need to do in my own time,” continued Lillah.

“Without six-period days I can be outside of the constraints of my timetable.

“I think we’re all in the same situation, however we’re all handling it differently.

“Honestly anything I feel can’t change the effects and severity of COVID in our society.

“Although remote learning’s tough on all of us, it’s better than nothing,” she said.


By Rhys GLEESON, Junior Reporter


: Students are finding both positives and negatives in the experience. Less access to school facilities is an issue, while increased flexibility is seen as a good opportunity.

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