Nambucca Valley Youthie offers programs and outreach services to support local young people

Youth worker Kane, Chairperson of the Board Chris Hewgill and Jack McGregor-Smith at the Nambucca Valley Youth Services Centre.


THE Nambucca Valley Youth Services Centre, better known locally as the ‘Youthie’, provides essential support and outreach programs for youth in the Valley aged between 12-24.

According to Chris Hewgill, Chairperson of the Board at the Youthie, said the centre, “Has been in a holding pattern with a lack of funding.

“We have managed to get enough funding recently to start up the Youth Mobile Cafe again.”

The Youth Services Centre applies for funding through grants and has never received consistent government funding.

The Mobile Cafe will be up and running shortly for youth who would like to be trained in skills valued in the workforce.

The Youth Mobile Cafe is staffed by youth, with a youth worker also in attendance.

There is an Open Day in early June at the Youthie, and the Mobile Cafe will be operating.

Youth of the Valley are encouraged to contact the Youthie if they would like to gain experience in all areas of hospitality and work at the mobile cafe.

The Cafe will also be operating at other community events throughout the year.

Chris Hewgill speaks passionately about the youth centre and the importance of the ‘Youthie’ to the Nambucca Valley.

Chris said they are, “Trying to get the message out to local, state and federal government that it is really important to have a Youth Centre.

“Many of the services in Nambucca are outreach services, not established services.

“We need things that help people.

“Not only young people but right across.

“The Youth Centre is all things to everybody.

“So what happens is young people can come in and that’s a place where they feel safe.

“They walk in there and there’s no perceived judgement.

“And that’s a really important thing to have in a community.

“Where often they’ll go into a service and they just don’t feel that same welcome and that’s the reason that we’ve tried to keep that type of philosophy as a bit of an open centre for young people.”

The Youthie is open Monday – Friday, 10am- 5pm.

Youth worker Kane is there Tues-Thurs from 10am-4pm, and at other times there are other youth centre staff in attendance, including outreach groups, who are available to assist young people who drop in.

Kane is keen for youth to know that if they visit the ‘Youthie’ and he is not there, or if it is temporarily unstaffed, to please call and leave a message on 65687777 or make contact through the Nambucca Valley Youth Centre Facebook page.

The ‘Youthie’ is also on Instagram.

There are computers available for use, with free access, and for those youth who are not engaged with school there are programs that the Youthie can link them up with at the centre.

Kane encourages all youth who are in need of assistance to contact the Youthie.

The Board is always on the look-out for new members who can bring their skills to the table to help the Youth Centre to continue running relevant and important programs to support youth in the Nambucca Valley.

Some of the outreach services that are currently running at the centre are;

Project X, a drug and alcohol program, Reconnect Services, Momentum Youth Housing, Wesley Community Services
Gen Health, and a youth health service with a youth worker which will be starting soon.

After-school programs are currently being planned.

The ‘Youthie’ is located at 48 Ridge Street Nambucca Heads.



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