Nambucca’s Kaya Boom rocks the Red-C in farewell to popular venue

Kaya Boom and the Samba Soul drum crew had the crowd dancing with a pulsating drum performance.


NAMBUCCA’s Kaya Boom and the Samba Soul drum crew rocked the Red-C in Coffs Harbour last Sunday, as music lovers said their final farewells to the popular music venue.

Attendees let their hair down and danced on the grass to the pulsating twelve piece Samba Soul drum crew.

Kaya Boom and the Samba Soul drum crew have been jamming at Red-C every Wednesday and play gigs at Nambucca, Bellingen, Macksville, Coffs Harbour and South West Rocks.

Band leader Kaya Boom, who teaches percussion and rhythm workshops, will be kickstarting gigs and classes following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

“Hopefully we stay out of lockdown so we can continue doing gigs and classes at Nambucca, Macksville, Bellingen, South West Rocks and the Coffs Coast.

“The crowd reception at Red-C was awesome, people couldn’t hold themselves back from dancing and cheering to the Samba Soul music, it’s a really unique sound and when you feel the energy you can’t help but join in.

“After being in lockdown for four weeks the band really got into it and the crowd loved it.

“New courses will be starting in three weeks and until then we have some small events happening, people can book workshops and check out the website at,” said Kaya.

Sadly, Sunday’s event will be the last of its kind at the Red-C.

Red-C Events Director Jane Reidy told News Of The Area they wanted to have one “last hurrah” at the Coffs Harbour venue to celebrate the music.

“We wanted to have one last hurrah before closing permanently and it’s been a fantastic day although me and Dan had to serve behind the bar because we were so busy, it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves with a smile on their face.

“Unfortunately our campaign and petition to save the Red-C hasn’t been successful, the Council offered us a two month extension but we simply cannot work on a two month basis.

“We started from scratch in the first year and the last two years have been heavily impacted by COVID so we have pulled out of the EOI process, we’ve done everything we can,” said Jane.




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