Native Sportfish season to re-open 1 September


THE Australian Bass and Estuary Perch season is set to reopen on Wednesday 1 September 2021.

The annual four-month fishing closure from May – August has been in place in all NSW rivers and estuaries to protect the species during spawning.

Mr Adam Marshall, NSW Minister for Agriculture said, “The sport fish season has reopened after a four-month closure to protect the species when they form schools and migrate over late autumn and early winter to trigger spawning.

“Now their spawning period has finished, most fish will return to their spring and summer feeding grounds higher up in the catchment.”

Mr Marshall reminds fishos that there are strict bag limits in place.

“A total bag limit of two Australian Bass or Estuary Perch per person or a combination of both species with a possession limit of four is in place.

“When fishing in a river, only one fish is permitted to be over 35cm in length.

“Our fisheries officers will be out in force to monitor compliance as we continue to protect the health of our sport fishery.

“These rules are designed to protect, conserve and improve our fisheries resources for future generations.”

Freshwater fishing rules can be found in the NSW Recreational Fishing Guide available from the NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries officers or the NSW DPI website

In reference to current COVID regulations, fishing is considered exercise.

The Marine Area Command – NSW Police Force listed permitted boating activities for LGAs outside of LGAs of Concern/Declared areas on August 17 2021.

• Recreational boating and fishing are allowed. Boating includes power, sail and paddle craft.

It can include any type of activity that may be considered recreation, swimming, sunbaking etc.

• You must remain in your LGA or, if you need to go outside of your LGA, up to 5km from your residence.

• Boating/fishing activity is limited to the same household members or if from different households a maximum of two people.

They must be able to socially distance from each other.

• A boat ramp location is not a consideration, you must be within your LGA or 5km from your residence.

• Coastal Waters are included in the adjacent LGA or to anyone living within 5km.

Police will treat coastal waters out to 3 nautical miles.

• A person cannot travel along a water system outside of their LGA or further than 5km from their residence to reach coastal waters

• Where a body of water (harbour) is bounded by several LGA’s a person may be on that main body of water but cannot travel through or past other LGAs to reach other rivers, estuary’s or open sea.

• You must always be within your LGA area, 5km from your residence or if applicable coastal waters connected to your LGA.



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