Nativities exhibition opened at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Coffs Harbour

Linda Alfred, Nativities organiser, showing the Children’s Room.


NATIVITIES at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Coffs Harbour opened its annual weekend display for the community from 17 – 19 December, showing 255 detailed and dainty nativity settings in the most fascinating of shows.

Sparkling with little fairy lights and lamps, the ever-growing collection was styled and curated into an exhibition that was best appreciated up-close.

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Church members Linda Alfred and Kathy Schmitt, who have worked on the shows since their inception 13 years ago, were helped this year for the first time by Charlene Johnson.

“We all have our favourites,” Linda told News Of The Area.

“Look at this one from Africa,” Linda invited.

The little figures are handcrafted and beaded with beautiful attention to detail.

“And the Australian one: the sheep are echidnas, the Holy Family is featured as koalas, the Three Wise Men are a platypus, a wombat and a kangaroo, and the camel is an emu.”

An avid collector, Kathy said, “A lot of them come from holiday destinations – however, wherever we are we’re always on the lookout for something that’s different or quirky.

“Every year it evolves, and we have different ways of doing things.

“I’m thinking candle-shaped lights for the tree next year,” she mused.

Numerous members from the community visited the Nativities over the weekend, with the overall consensus that the exhibition is fascinating and appealing to all ages, there’s something for everyone and it takes close examination to see all the details of each of the exhibits.

“To see the pleasure in people’s eyes makes it all worthwhile,” said Linda.

Adding to the personal touch, Linda drew attention to the skirted tablecloths used to cover each of the display tables.

“These are made by my mum, she’s now 85 years old, and Nativities is all we use them for.

“It’s a little emotional when we get them out of the cupboard each year.”

“It’s a big job packing away on Sunday,” said Linda, “but all so worthwhile.”




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