Neighbours At Odds Over Summit Estate Ridge

Driveways have been constructed over what is said to be communal land.


RESIDENTS of the Summit Estate, up behind the Big Banana, are in dispute over a 10m stretch of land along Pinnacle Way.

Advertisements for the original sale of land refer to “no neighbour along your rear boundary” in Pinnacle Way, and one resident has documents that indicate that the ridge along the street has been covered by a covenant to protect it since 1945.

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However, a disagreement has arisen because two property owners in the neighbouring Aspect Way have constructed driveways across the land which, according to disaffected residents, is communal land.

News Of The Area has been informed that the Aspect Way owners lost a motion to access Pinnacle Way at a residents’ meeting.

One of the owners then sought and received permission from the estate managers for a temporary driveway to investigate construction feasibility.

An excavator was brought in and two driveways were constructed.

In doing so, trees that according to residents are protected, have been destroyed.

According to unhappy residents, the estate residents have been offered $50,000 for lighting repairs and landscaping in the estate in exchange for the free use of land worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The ridgeline can be seen from many places in Coffs Harbour and is a local landmark.

The disgruntled residents have approached the Coffs Harbour City Council, but say they have gotten nowhere.

News Of The Area contacted Council for comment, who did not respond in time for publication.


By Andrew VIVIAN

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