Neil Diamond and Oreo need Foster Carers: Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour looking for holiday carers

Neil Diamond is one of the animals needing care in a home without other animals these holidays.


CAN you invite Neil Diamond into your home these holidays?

Or Oreo? Or a pregnant cat or dog?

ANIMAL Rescue Coffs Harbour (ARCH) desperately needs animal foster carers over the holiday period and the lovable Neil Diamond is one amongst many.

ARCH is a local rescue group established in 2013 by a small group of people and run completely by volunteers with supporter donations, fundraising and adoption fees.

Over the past few years ARCH has rescued and rehomed over 500 animals.

At Christmas time some of the regular carers will be going away to visit friends and family.

This puts ARCH in the position of needing to find temporary foster care.

Heather Watkins, Deputy President of ARCH explained to News Of The Area, “We can place some of the animals with other current carers but some may need to be the only pet so we are struggling to find suitable carers.

“The beautiful Neil Diamond is one such dog,” she said.

His current carers are going away for ten days.

“He is a lovely natured young boy, who unfortunately did not receive any socialisation whilst still young.

“Neil thinks he is a lap dog and his favourite spot is laying on top of you.

“He is a medium sized dog, so although he does pull on the lead still, he can get out for his walks which he loves,’ Ms Watkins said.

“We would prefer he went to a dog experienced carer but he should be fine with most homes.”

Neil Diamond isn’t the only pooch looking for a hand these holidays Heather said.

“We also currently have a beautiful young staffy x who has recently come back into care.

“Oreo was adopted out as a puppy but unfortunately he is no longer getting along with his fur sister who was also adopted as a puppy.

“We believe that in the right home, Oreo will flourish and will be an amazing dog and can certainly be around other dogs in the right situation.

“Oreo needs the right home with an owner who understands his breed and is willing to spend time with him to enable him to be the best dog he can.”

ARCH rescues dogs and cats mainly from country pounds, where they may be at risk of euthanasia, relying completely on individual foster carers who are willing to welcome animals into their home and provide a loving environment until their permanent home is found.

Foster carers are provided with most things they would need including food, bedding, leads, collars and flea/tick treatment and covers all veterinary costs associated.

Please contact ARCH via [email protected] if you can help with a temporary or permanent home.


By Sandra MOON

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