Nelson Bay has an Angel Pilot in the Air helping critically ill patients get to specialist treatment

Steve in the cockpit.
Steve in the cockpit.


LOCALS to the Bay might know Steve Ward as the guy with the cool old truck in the Australia Day Parade, or even the guy that used to fix their PC’s.

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But there’s more to Steve Ward than meets the eye, including a great sense of humanity and humour, a pilot’s’ licence and over thirty years of community volunteering in the pilots’ seat.

Steve Ward told News Of The Area, “I initially got involved flying with Outback Patrol to keep my hours up, but of greater importance is what we do for isolated communities.”

As a pilot, Steve does good in the bush.

As a volunteer, for both Angel flight, and Outback Patrol (OBP) Steve spends hours in the air getting sick people to care, and bringing unique experiences to isolated communities.

Angel Flight Australia is a charity which coordinates non-emergency flights to assist country people to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them, due to the vast distances cost of travel.

Steve and other pilots volunteer their time and plane owners allow their planes to be used while Angel Flight raises money for the fuel via corporate sponsorships and traditional fundraising methods.

Outback Patrol meets some of the human, emotional, and spiritual needs of families who live in the most remote and isolated townships in inland Australia.

Typically Steve’s OBP trips are up to nine days where he takes a clown, puppets, along with music or drama groups to perform 15 to 20 sessions at remote Schools.

Volunteers with OBP meet all their own costs.

Steve has been part of the team with OBP over 30 years, and started flying with Angel Flight in 2003.

It’s good to know that the Bay has an angel in the air, helping people providing fun, entertainment and a special dose of care.

We wish him many more good take offs and landings.

You can find out more about Angel Flight at and Outback Patrol at



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