Nelson Bay Croquet Club – Article on return to play

Cheryl Lloyd and David Wilson (President) looking forward to the return to play.


NELSON Bay Croquet Club has resumed play under very strict guidelines and on a carefully managed level.

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Club followers on Social Media will probably have seen videos and photographs of people dressing up in costume to walk their bin to the kerb – mermaids, pandas, and Wonder Woman have all been posted…. to celebrate the return to play.

Club President David Wilson said that the return to play has only been possible following CNSW negotiations with the NSW Office of Sport and with the permission of Port Stephens Council.

The first day of the return to play was Monday 18 May, and heavy rain early in the morning almost saw play cancelled.

Fortunately, the weather cleared and six members were able to enjoy the first games at the cub in 8 weeks.

David Wilson said, “Play is currently restricted to singles, all games must be pre-booked and pre-paid, and the clubhouse is off-limits.”

Despite this, since the first day, 45 members have booked to play, with many playing several times a week.

“The return of all sports is covered by the AIS ‘Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment’ and the ‘National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities’,” Mr Wilson told News Of The Area.

The Club will have to comply with the ‘Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia’, which places limits on the type of activity that can be conducted and the number of people who can gather at facilities:

Level A: Training/playing in no more than pairs. Physical distancing required.

Level B: Indoor/outdoor activity, training/playing in small groups up to 10. Physical distancing required.

• Step 1: No indoor activity. Outdoor sport (up to 10 people) consistent with AIS Framework
• Step 2: Indoor/outdoor sport up to 20 people. Physical distancing (density 4m2).

Level C: Full sporting activity (training and competition) allowed. No restriction on numbers. Contact allowed.

• Step 3: Venues allowed to operate with up to 100 people with physical distancing. Community sport expansion to be considered consistent with AIS Framework.

Mr wilson said “The roadmap requires that significantly enhanced risk mitigation (including avoidance and physical distancing) must be applied to all indoor activities associated with outdoor sporting codes (e.g. club rooms, training facilities, gymnasia and the like).”

The Club currently have Council permission to operate at Level A and will be seeking further permission to move to Level B Stage 1 in the near future.


Croquet Member, Karen Lilly looking forward to the return to play.


Penny Wilson playing first shot

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