Nelson Bay Croquet Club Competition Ready

Mayor Ryan Palmer and Club President David Wilson.


PORT Stephens Mayor Ryan Palmer visited the Nelson Bay Croquet Club courts on Thursday 29 October 2020 to view the hoops that were purchased with the assistance of a grant from the Mayoral Fund.

The development of two additional courts was completed in April 2020.

The justification for increasing the number of courts was to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for half-courts for regular social games; to enable the Club to actively pursue an increase in membership numbers; and to enable the Club to host state or national competitions.

State and national competitions require different hoop settings for different competitions, with players in Division 1 competitions having marginally tighter or narrower hoops than players in lower divisions.

There are four possible settings.

Traditional metal hoops can only be installed approximately to the required setting.

The club’s new hoops, provided by Quadway hoops, manufactured in New Zealand by Ray Atkiins, are designed to easily provide the exact correct spacing.

The courts at Nelson Bay Croquet Club on Tomaree Sports Complex in Nelson Bay are now competition ready.

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By David WILSON, President of Nelson Bay Croquet Club


Club members Karen Lilly and Judy McDermott “launching” the new hoops.

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