Nelson Bay Golf Club results for the week

Liz Davis, Mary Reisch, Rae Uptin, Robyn Kennett.
Liz Davis, Mary Reisch, Rae Uptin, Robyn Kennett.


Nelson Bay Golf Club

LADIES’ Gala Day was held on Tuesday. Played across the 3 Courses, 172 players, Visitors representing 10 Clubs from around NSW, including Armidale, Scone and Brighton Lakes, the event was judged a great success by all.

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Robyn Kennett from Nelson Bay was the stand-out player being in one of the winning teams and taking out the Longest Drive together with Nearest-the-Pin, both in her Division, 1st. Details of the Place-getters are included below.

Highlights of the week:

Congratulations to:

-Mark Barden, scooping the Superpin pool on Wednesday
-John Linton for his Hole-in-one on the Par 3, 122 metre, 14th hole, Wednesday.
-Connor Benjamin Eagles Nest on the Par 4, 285 metre, 19th hole, Saturday.

Results for the period:

SUNDAY 11th:

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Charmaine Elliott 34. Div 2: Winner Nanette Justice 35.

Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Josh Rimmer 38: B Grade: Winner Robert Castle 41: C Grade: Winner Paul Cale 39.

MONDAY 12th:

Vets Stableford: Div 1: Winner Rex Dengate 28, Runner-up Harry Noonen 26, Best Net Harry Noonen 22. Div 2:
Winner Don Jones 22 c/b, Runner-Up Norm Drumond 22, Best Net Don Jones 20.


Ladies 4 Person Teams:2 Best Stableford to count: Gymea Lily Course: Overall: Winners Uptin + Kennett + Davis + Reisch 86, Runners-up May + Nunn + McDougall + Hurley 84 c/b, Third place Mason (vis) + Lunn (vis) + Andrews (vis) + Logan (vis) 84; Xmas Bush Course: Overall: Winner Croft + Cook + Syme + Goodwin 85, Runners-up Taylor + Murray + Peterson + Shute 84 c/b, Third place White + Phipps + Wilcock + Ferrier 84; Brush Box Course: Overall: Winners Levonpera + Cousins + Gilmour + Fey 83, Runners-up Turnbull (vis) + Davies (vis) + Emerson (vis) + Martin (vis) 80, Third place Anderson (vis) + Boyle (vis) + Williams (vis) + Wilson (vis) 76.


C1: Mens Stroke: A Grade: Winner David Rann 69, Runner-up Graeme Eaton 70; B Grade: Winner John Edmunds 65, Runner-up Ron Willock 69; C Grade: Winner Bruce Shaw 62, Runner-up Bill Van Der Reyden 67. C2: Mens Stroke: A Grade: Winner Graham Kerslake 65, Runner-up Mark Barden 68; B Grade: Winner Ray Moore 66, Runner-up Steve Fogwill 70; C Grade: Winner Keith Rogers 70, Runner-up Peter Arnold 72.


Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Eizabeth Pfennigwerth 38 c/b, Runner-up Ann Turner 38: Div 2 Julie-Ann Taylor 41, Runner-up Jeanette Knott 37. Mens Stableford: Overall Winner Connor Benjamin 37.

Vets 9 hole Stableford: Winner D. Geoghegan 21 c/b, Runner-up Bill Harris 21..

FRIDAY 16th:

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Joan Frost 34, Runner-up Mary Reisch 33. Div 2: Winner Jan Bell 35 c/b, Runner-up Heather Read 35.

Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner David Rann 42, Runner-up Jim Kavanagh (vis) 39: B Grade: Winner Mike Coghlan 39 c/b, Runner-up Mike Selmo 39: C Grade: Winner Simon Wilkinson 42, Runner-up Robert Johnson 38.


C1: Mens’ Stableford: A Grade: Winner Vinko Komadina 40, Runner-up Thomas Martin (Vis) 38 c/b, Third place Jim Ingleton 38; B Grade: Winner Graham Childs 40 c/b, Runner-up Bill Rarity 40 c/b, Third place Colin Chalkley 40; C Grade: Winner Marc Pisani 41, Runner-up Brenton Bradford 40, Third place Gary McCann 39. 2BBB in conjunction Overall Winners Bradford + Rigby 49, Barrett + Komadina 49. C2: Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Ray Wright 42, Runner-up Peter Metham 41, Third place William Marshall 38; B Grade: Winner Danny Plimmer 40 c/b, Runner-up Frank Fey 40, Third place Col Couper 39; C Grade: Winner Paul Cale 44, Runner-up James Bowles 39, Third place Robert Miller 38. 2BBB in conjunction Overall: Winners Rossi + Bowles 50, Runners-up Totman + Justice 46. Ladies Stableford: Overall: Winner Sharon Dunn 31, Runner-up Kerrie Raper (vis) 28.


By David & Rhona BIRSS


Di Moon, Charmaine Elliott, Sue Lewis, Bev Suska.
Di Moon, Charmaine Elliott, Sue Lewis, Bev Suska.

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