Nelson Bay Golf Club weekly results

Lyn Robinson, Diana Johnson, Amy Squires, Barbara Frost.
Lyn Robinson, Diana Johnson, Amy Squires, Barbara Frost.


Nelson Bay Golf Club

Ladies Weekend Pennants results:

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The Visitors from Merewether, following serving of their morning tea and then a tour of the new Nelson Bay Clubhouse facilities, declared they would need to “lift their game”. The match result was Nelson Bay Nemo’s won 3 : lost 1. Congratulations to the Nemo’s team. Full details below.

Results for the period:

Ladies’ Weekend Pennants Teams; Matchplay format: Nelson Bay Dolphins: Result Bye. Nelson Bay Nemo’s vs Mereweather: Results: Barbara Frost had to give 3 shots, won 3/2; Amy Squires, (Junior player), had to give 5 shots, lost 6/5; Lyn Robinson had to give 10 shots, won 5/4; Diana Johnson had to give 11 shots, won 3/2.

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Arja Levonpera 37, Runner-up Maree Cousins 36. Div 2: Winner Pam Norman 35, Runner-up Di Herbert 33.

Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Robert McLean 45, Runner-up Chris Mawson 40: B Grade: Winner Dudley Herbert 41, Runner-up Bill Harding 39: C Grade: Winner Paul Cale 40, Runner-up John Kehoe (vis) 38.


Vets Stableford: Div 1: Winner Frank Mahoney 28, Runner-up Dave Flatt 27, Best Net Frank Mahoney 23. Div 2: Winner Ross Veitch 26, Runner-Up Steve Mitchell 24, Best Net Neil Warburton 19.


C1: Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Peter Murray 38, Runner-up Tino Rossi 37; B Grade: Winner Peter Elliott 42, Runner-up Warren Parkinson 40; C Grade: Winner Brian Hammond 39, Runner-up Keith Rogers 37. C2: Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Michael Harris 40, Runner-up Garry Hall 38; B Grade: Winner John Wade 43, Runner-up John Linton 39; C Grade: Winner Stve Ryan 41, Runner-up Terrence Long 40.


Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Barbara Clark 38, Runner-up Julie Partridge 35: Div 2 Chris Castles 36, Runner-up Jill Rowland 35: Div 3 Rose McGaw 36, Runner-up Beryl Wood 35.

Mens Stableford: Overall Winner Charles Schofield 35.

Vets 9 hole Stableford: Winner J. Ducrou 19 c/b, Runner-up A. Stewart 19 c/b, Third place D. Andrews (vis) 19

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Margret Kollmann 34, Runner-up Diana Johnson 33. Div 2: Winner Beryl Chalkley 35, Runner-up Joan Rumble 34.

Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Paul Devine 41, Runner-up Ray Wright 36: B Grade: Winner Bob Fulton 45, Runner-up Yuri Suska 40: C Grade: Winner Keith Rogers 41, Runner-up Richard Hingston 40

C1: Mens’ Stableford: A Grade: Winner Peter Anstice 39, Runner-up Graeme Eaton 37, Third place Vito Massaioli 36; B Grade: Winner John Harvey 40, Runner-up Mark Twomey 39, Third place Peter Courts 38; C Grade: Winner Reg Cronin 38, Runner-up Robert Miller 36, Third place Dan Wilson. 2BBB in conjunction: Overall: Winners Courts + Owens 48, Runners-up Knight + Dunn 48, Third place Gibson + Eaton 47. C2: Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner Leroy Gordon 38, Runner-up Jason Gascogne 36, Third place Wayne Moir (vis) 36; B Grade: Winner Steven Baker 40 Runner-up Alan Fisher 39, Third place Philip Flack 38; C Grade: Winner Gerry Ward (vis) 41 c/b, Runner-up Ian Davidson 41, Third place Ron Sutton 37. 2BBB in conjunction: Overall: Winners Watson + Davidson 49, Runners-up Fisher + Geoghegan 47, Third place Komadino + Baker 46.

Ladies Stableford: Overall: Winner Julie Newsham 29 c/b, Runner-up Barbara Frost 29.


By David & Rhona BIRSS

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