Nelson Bay Golf Club weekly results

Junior Pennant team.
Junior Pennant team.


Nelson Bay Golf Club

Men’s Handicap Matchplay: Congratulations to the Men’s Handicap Matchplay winners and runners-up in the finals played on Saturday 14 April. A Grade: Roy Johnson df Mark Galloway ; B Grade: Cal Chalkley df Stuart Wylie ; C Grade: Ray Caruthers df James Bowles.

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Highlights of the week:

Good luck to the 21 members of our Junior Pennant teams who will take part in the NDGA Junior Pennant series over the next two weeks.

Results for the period:


Ladies Weekend Pennants: Nelson Bay Nemos squared their match with Charlestown, needing a win to finish 1st for the season. Nelson Bay Dolphins lost 3-1 to Belmont. Final Pennants standings: Belomont 1, NB Nemos 2, NB Dolphins 3.

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: 1st Julie Newsham 38, 2nd Jenny Frost 33; Div 2: 1st Deborah Campbell 34, 2nd Pat Andrews 33.

Men’s Stableford: A Grade: 1st Leo Argy 39, 2nd Chris Mawson 38; B Grade: 1st Doug Hellmrich 42, 2nd Warren Andrews 36; C Grade: 1st Kerry Grice 38, 2nd Danny Marmo 37.

L & Z Chalmers Mixed 2BBB: 1st: Heather Atkins/ Chris Mawson 45; 2nd: Chris Wright/ Ray Wright 43 cb; 3rd: Jill Woodhill/Iain Woodhill 43; 4th: Jenny Frost/Jim Papworth 42; 5th: Joan Hedges/Brian Hedges 41.


Men’s Vets 9 hole Stableford: Div 1: 1st John Humphries 24 cb, 2nd Geoff Ashton 24; Best Nett: Terry Gannon 19; Div 2: 1st Laurie Chambers 23, 2nd John Stuhmcke 22, Best Nett: Wayne Livermore 18


Ladies Par: Div 1: 1st Robyn Kennett +4, 2nd Mary Reisch -1, 3rd Kath Allen -1; Div 2: 1st Victoria Lalor -1, 2nd Robyn McGlurg -2, 3rd Lesley Filmer -2; Div 3: 1st Doreen Sutcliffe 0, 2nd Joan Hedges -3, 3rd Rosalie Derrick -4


Mens Stableford, C1 Gymea Lily: A Grade: 1st Paul Devine 41, 2nd Peter Metham 38; B Grade: 1st Neil Hodges 39 cb, 2nd Errol Shaw 39; C Grade: 1st Kevin Sanders 37, 2nd Glen Arndell 36

C2 Xmas Bush: A Grade: 1st Ross Lalor 39, 2nd Connor Benjamin 38; B Grade: 1st David Diemar 41, 2nd Dudley Herbert 39; C Grade: 1st Brian Hedges 29, 2nd David Evans 39; Super Pin: Jamie Keating 30 cm


Ladies 4BBB Stableford: 1st Ruth Buchanan/Diane Croft 44, 2nd Rose McGaw/Jeanette Knott 43

FRIDAY 13th:

Ladies Stableford: 1st Nola Brown 32 cb, 2nd Laurel Gordon-Smith 32

Mens Stableford: A Grade: 1st Stuart Phegan 38, 2nd John Linton 38, B Grade: 1st Michael Hagan 38, 2nd Neville George 37; C Grade: 1st Ray Rumble 37, 2nd Keith Woodley 37


Men;s Stableford: C1 Brush Box: A Grade: 1st Mark Woods 41, 2nd Eric Kidd 40, B Grade: 1st John Keane 42, 2nd Tony Ginty 40; C Grade: 1st David Hansor , 2nd Ken Wilson 38; Siper Pin Brad McKay 94 cm; C2 Gymea Lily: A Grade: 1st Vinko Komadina 38 cb, 2nd Peter Metham 38; B Grade: 1st Niel Russell 43, 2nd Peter Jackson 40; C Grade: 1st Ian Davidson 39, 2nd Wal Reisch 36



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