Nelson Bay Taxi Driver Raises Alarm

Meri Robinson with her faithful taxi.


TAXI driver Meri Robinson went above and beyond the call of duty this week and the result of her actions is a life saved.

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Meri who works for Nelson Bay Taxi’s was scheduled to pick up a regular elderly client at 8.15am in the morning the client had booked the pick up the night before to get to her medical appointment.

When Meri turned up at the residence in Lawson Street things didn’t look quite right.

Meri Robinson told News Of The Area, “Normally the front door would be open with the walker ready to go at the bottom of the stairs.”

On this occasion the door was still locked and the client didn’t respond to Meri’s calling out.

Meri took matters into her own hands and went to the Police Station to report the incident.

What might have happened had Meri not taken action could have been tragic.

After Meri raised the alarm it wasn’t long before Fire and Rescue NSW were on site to gain access for the ambulance service.

“Inside they found that she had had a fall and a stroke, she had tried to get to the phone and it had been knocked off the hook and was sending out an engaged signal,” said Meri Robinson.

Meri has been driving a taxi in the Bay for 11 years and this is the second time that her actions have helped save a life.

She believes it is about being part of the community, if things don’t look right she believes that we need to step up and make sure people are OK.

Next time you see Meri at the taxi stand in the Bay give her a wave – she has been on the road for a while as her shift starts at 4am on the days that she works.

She is just one of the taxi drivers that help our older residents to get about and stay independent.

Meri is hopeful that her client will make a full recovery and will be booking in journeys around the Bay once again in the near future.



7 thoughts on “Nelson Bay Taxi Driver Raises Alarm

  1. I’ll bet a “penny to a pound” that an Uber driver would not have done what Meri did! Good on you Meri.

  2. Mari is also my favourite, she is so down to earth in her attitude to life & speaks in a matter of fact manner, PLAIN SPEAK. So great to gave her in our beautiful bay

  3. Well done meri every time i see you always have a smile and take the time to say hello. I think your the best driver for nelson bay taxis. And we just never know what’s around the corner it’s a matter of being prepared.

  4. Good on you Meri I have known you for a lot of years you are a very aware and kind person Regards Trevor

  5. i went to Anna Bay many years ago & met Merri b4 she was a cab driver. She was so genuine & honest with a sense of humour that we “clicked” straight away! Merri has visited Dubbo where I live sporadically over the 15yrs that we met & the same with myself & family/friends to the Bay are- I always tell people to ask for Merri when getting a cab n say “GDay”. Such a genuine person is hard to find this day & age 11

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