Nesting White Bellied Sea Eagles return to nest in Mambo Wanda Wetlands

A White Bellied Seaeagle. Photo: Marian Sampson.


LOCAL birdwatcher Neil Fraser has shared the news that a pair of nesting White-bellied Sea Eagles have returned to Mambo Wanda Wetlands.

Neil has been watching birds for thirty odd years.

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The pair of sea eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) have returned to a nest located in the Mambo Wanda Wetlands that they left in 2018.

The pair were last observed nesting there in the summer of 2017-18 but did not use the nest in subsequent seasons until now.

The white-bellied sea eagle is listed as a vulnerable species under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

The breeding period in eastern Australia extends from June to December and usually one or two eggs are laid.

Incubation takes 35-40 days and the young fledge from October to January.

One bird, probably the female, is currently sitting on the nest which suggests eggs have already been laid.

The nest is well hidden atop a large blackbutt tree overlooking the waters of Salamander Bay.

The two adults have been seen around the area since March, often roosting near the nest site.

This vulnerable species nesting in Mambo gives heart to many who fought to save the wetlands from development.

The wetland is a vital habitat for many different species including the koala.

Irene Jones is one local that campaigned hard to see Mambo Wanda Wetlands returned to the public.

“Not only vital habitat in Mambo must be protected but all vital habitat in the area needs to be protected.

“Our fauna and flora must be protected,” she said.


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