New footpath approved from Peter Sinclair to shops

A resident at Peter Sinclair Gardens with therapy horse, Wellington


COUNCIL has applied for funding for a footpath from Hawks Nest’s aged care facility Peter Sinclair Gardens, to the main street shops.

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If approved, the footpath would provide a more direct, easier and safer way for residents to visit the shops from their village homes.

MidCoast Council confirmed that they have applied for NSW Government Grant funding to construct the footpath which would lead from Peter Sinclair Gardens to the shopping centre on Tuloa Avenue.

A spokeswoman from MidCoast Council said, “This project is part of Council’s commitment to improving walking and cycling networks across the MidCoast.”

Mark, whose mother is a resident at Peter Sinclair Gardens, said, “Mum, like other elderly, is discouraged to walk to the shops or enjoy the water’s edge due to the poor pathways.”

“We need complete paths to the shops, as it’s currently a danger for those at the aged care facility who have no choice but to use the road for their trips.”

“Some of the route is also interrupted and has challenges such as sand, making it difficult for those with wheeled walkers to reach their destination safely.”

For another local with family at the facility, this would be an opportunity for her mother to get outdoors more.

“My mother’s fitness goal was to walk to the shops from Peter Sinclair Gardens,” she said.

“She has been able to achieve this but it was hard and dangerous pushing her walker along sandy pathways.”

“It was slightly easier on the road, but much scarier with the flow of traffic.”

“If there was a smooth, safe pathway she might be able to do this walk more independently, with more confidence and less stress.”

Once approved, Council will begin to put firmer plans in place and share more details on timing.



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