New Koala Signs To Create Awareness

Casey Freeman, Scarlett, Ruby, and Isabella with some of their bold signs.


ONE local family is going a little bit further to raise awareness of our local koalas and where they cross the road.

Vehicle strike is one of the biggest causes of injury to our wild koala population.

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Casey Freeman and her children have been installing fluro signs to highlight the places where vehicle strikes are causing injuries to koalas.

Casey said, “If you see these signs in an area you’ll know this is a major kill zone for koalas.

“We started with Port Stephens Drive as this has been the worst kill zone by far,” she said.

Casey and her family are passionate about getting drivers to slow down.

Community members should also know what to do in the event of a vehicle strike on a koala.

Port Stephens Koala Hospital not only has a great vet with extensive experience in treating koalas, but also has dedicated rescue teams that attend and help any injured koalas.

The 24 hour rescue contact phone number is 1800 775 625.

The Koala Hospital will come out 24/7 to assist a sick or injured koala.

However, if you need to contain a koala for their safety (or your own), prepare everything before attempting to handle the animal, to reduce distress and the chance of injury.

Plastic laundry baskets are often used to transport koalas – a laundry basket with a towel or blanket draped over it is quite effective.

A second person should attempt to distract the koala by holding a rolled up towel or some clothing near its mouth while the koala is approached from the rear.

Koalas have sharp claws and can bite and scratch people trying to assist them.

Contained koalas should be kept away from dogs.



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