New sign at Hawks Nest crossing a possible obstruction

Despite taking all the measures a careful driver could perform at a pedestrian crossing, a newly erected sign at the roundabout adjoining Booner Street & Tuloa Avenue in Hawks Nest could make a regular trip through town a nightmare for an unsuspecting driver.Hawks Nest predestrian Crossing

Great Lakes Council have erected a sign on the edge of the footpath, at the pedestrian crossing on Tuloa Avenue which partly blocks the view of pedestrians and oncoming vehicles for those wanting to turn out of Booner Street and into Tuloa.

Designed to be a directive sign locating the current position for path walkers, some people took to social media in the last week to announce their disgust in this sign which according to the ‘posters’, hampers ‘pedestrian safety’.

The sign itself does have merit as it clearly states where you are at that point, and gives accurate instructions on how to get to other facilities within the Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest areas. Whether it is required to be that close to the pedestrian crossing is the big question.

Myall Coast News contacted Great Lakes Councils Traffic Engineer (Design and Investigation), Mr Wade Holmes who stated, “The sign has been positioned so that the roundabout and the crossing complies with the appropriate standards and guidelines including the RMS Supplements to the Austroads Guidelines.”

Have you seen the sign and what are your thoughts? Do you think it hampers a drivers vision or possibly hampers a pedestrians view of oncoming traffic?

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