New speed limits on Lemon Tree Passage Road causes road rage

This area of road was once 100km/h but has been lowered to 90 due to safety concerns.
This area of road was once 100km/h but has been lowered to 90 due to safety concerns.


NEW speed limit changes along Lemon Tree Passage Road have sparked anger among some residents.

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The new changes to the speed limits, starting from the Nelson Bay Road roundabout at Salt Ash through to Lemon Tree Passage, came into force on 18 July.

Residents have gone to social media and local community Facebook pages to voice their concerns and share their experiences regarding the new changes.

Cassie Beer, who lives in Medowie and travels along the road for work, told News Of The Area, “In two weeks, I have seen a four car pile-up and a severe road rage incident.”

“I’ve seen many people driving dangerously and recklessly overtaking other people who are abiding by the new limits.”

Another resident from Tanilba Bay, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “The new limits are punishing the people who are doing the right thing and following the law.”

“The people who were speeding and causing accidents were already doing the wrong thing in the first place.”
“Instead of doing 10km/h over the speed limit, now they’re doing 20,” she said.

RMS figures state there have been 43 car crashes along Lemon Tree Passage Road in the five years leading to December 2015.

Multiple people have gone to the community Facebook page to share their experiences of road rage due to the new speeds, with these ranging from being tailgated to people flashing their high-beams at them.

It is estimated the new changes should add a total of one minute and 30 seconds to the journey from Lemon Tree Passage to the Nelson Bay Road roundabout.



2 thoughts on “New speed limits on Lemon Tree Passage Road causes road rage

  1. A lot of argument, some stupid, some sensible has been wasted on this subject. The facts are, we have an elected government whose job it is to make laws to save us from self- extermination and the harming or killing of innocents. People who knowingly break these laws for their own reasons are criminals of the worst kind, as bad as terrorists taking the law into their own hands. By doing this these law breakers are taking the first step to total anarchy. If you want our country to spiral out of control like Syria, Iran, North Korea, Germany, France etc. etc.just keep breaking the law. Breaking laws gets easier the more you do it it just progressively gets more serious, ask the prisoners in gaol.

  2. where do you think you are? europe?
    stralya mate. a redneck third world backwater run by insurance companies.
    next you will be asking for public transport and trains. wtf!

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