New Street Campaign

NEW STREET PETITION: Kate Washington MP with Tea Gardens Campaigners.
NEW STREET PETITION: Kate Washington MP with Tea Gardens Campaigners.


LOCAL State MP Kate Washington has taken up the baton for a group of Tea Gardens residents fighting for a new access road and roundabout.

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129 residents have signed a petition calling for a new road to be constructed between Myall Street and Spinifex Avenue to ease the noise and traffic congestion on Settlers Way.

“This is not a discussion I thought I would ever have in quiet Tea Gardens, talking about trucks and traffic,” Ms Washington said.

The residents are also campaigning for a roundabout at the entrance to the main Myall Quays Shopping complex to provide easier access to the Petrol Station and Hardware store.

“When we first moved here the developers promised that another road would be going through,” Cheryl Fairhall said.

Most of the petitioners moved to the area before the construction of The Grange, Estia Health Aged Care Facility and Palm Lake Resort.

Residents say the then developer, known as ‘Creighton’s’, gave them an assurance that a second access road into the estate would be constructed as part of ‘The Grange’ development.

It never happened.

The Grange Retirement Village is now home to 190 dwellings with more homes currently under construction.

Palm Lake Resort Retirement Village has 160 homes with a further 120 on the drawing board.

Settlers Way is also the only access road to the Estia Health Aged Care Facility on Spinifex Avenue.

Concerns centre around emergency access, the high traffic volume and heavy construction vehicles which use Settlers Way on a daily basis.

The petition has been sent to MidCoast Council.

Kate Washington has also raised the residents’ campaign with Council Administrator John Turner.



One thought on “New Street Campaign

  1. the entrance to the service station has to be the worst in the world. a great example of the morons at great lakes council. has ron hartley written all over it.
    how about the myall way which collpased within the first week of being done and has never been repaired several years on.
    you had your chance people to port stephens council and didnt speak up.the only way you will ever get good service is to say good bye to midcoast and hello to port stephens.
    write to kate about that. you know kate. the member for port stephens based in port stephens. port stephens where you all live. not forster which is getting over $30 million spent on it right now!

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