Newcastle Jets Fans lose in a controversial game call

Mick Deamer’s yard in Raymond Terrace is evidence that he’s a true blue Jets Fan.
Mick Deamer’s yard in Raymond Terrace is evidence that he’s a true blue Jets Fan.


THIS week’s A-League Grand Final between The Newcastle Jets and Melbourne Victory represented the pinnacle for not only the players involved, but for the many fans of the club, this was an opportunity to reach the levels of ecstasy that only a true fan would know.

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Considering the many lean years the Jets have endured, the 2017-2018 season has been nothing short of remarkable.

It’s not often a team goes from being in last place to a spot in the Grand Final in the space of twelve months.

Yet, it happened.

Sticking with your team and club through those hard times is what forges and creates a true fan.

A dyed in the wool, one-eyed observer who support their team despite the results on the field, the catastrophic developments off it, and of course the constant jibes from friends and family.

The true fan sticks solid in the hope of one day rising above all the adversity and celebrating a long awaited premiership.

One such fan is Mick Deamer from Raymond Terrace.

Fans like Mick have been through it all with their beloved Jets.

From the early success of a premiership in 2008, through to the destructive days where previous owner Con Constantine had the licence ripped from him only to see the false hope in the form of Nathan Tinkler drag the club even further down, Mick and all the other true Jets fans like him have stood by their club.

Last weekend was supposed to be their reward.

Mick even emblazoned his love for the Jets into his front yard for all to see.

Yet, you just know that despite Saturday night’s bitter loss with a 1-0 end scoreline, Jets fans will always be Jets fans.

Especially Mick from Raymond Terrace, who will no doubt forgo his beautiful front yard next grand final, just to show how much he cares.

And hopefully next time, Mick and every other true Jets fan will be celebrating a win.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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