Newry Forest Climbing Workshop skills for tree-sitting action

Peter ‘Peck’ Firth, the previous Tasmanian tree-sit record holder, leads the Climbing Workshop.


A CLIMBING Workshop at Camp Nunguu is the latest activity offered to the community interested in protecting koala habitats and wildlife in general.

Led by Peter ‘Peck’ Firth, an experienced climber and seasoned tree-sitting forest protector, Saturday’s (June 13) Workshop began by acknowledging Gumbaynggirr country upon which the camp stands within Newry State Forest which is under imminent threat of being logged, potentially causing chaos in our koala community.

“Peck gave a bit of a talk about the camp being named Nunguu by Uncle Bud, meaning Golden Kangaroo, which grounded people to start the day,” Tom told News Of The Area.

Safety is an emphasis of the Workshop, and respect between each other supports safety protocols.

“Then it was on to why being in a tree is a really good tactic to protect a tree which is under threat of being logged.

“An hour-and-a-half is spent on learning useful climb knots, then it was in the harness to master how to single line up and down a tree.

“It’s a simple climbing style.

“The equipment is basic and safe because if you get arrested the police confiscate it.”

Workshop attendees often stay over for dinner at the camp – enjoying screenings of short films and musicians and soaking up the convivial atmosphere.

“Grassroots community climb days and other events like these are not just about having fun, they show the wider public, Forestry Corporation and the Government that we are organised and prepared to protect Newry State Forest from destruction,” Margaret, 43, from Nambucca told News Of The Area.

“Coming to Camp Nunguu has been a big eye-opener into just how much state sanctioned destruction is happening to forests all over Gumbaynggirr Country, NSW and the rest of this continent.

“Helping out at Camp Nunguu is not only protecting Newry Forest, it’s about paying respect whilst learning about Gumbaynggirr Culture, learning practical skills (like climbing), making friends, building community, sharing meals and making art together.”

For more information, Facebook: Newry Native Forest Blockade.




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