News of the Areas report of Knitting Nannas protest


News of the Areas report
News of the Areas report

Dear News Of The Area,

I read the report, News of the Areas June 2, 2016, of the Knitting Nannas protest at the inaugural meeting of Mid Coast Council.

Congratulations, ladies.

Most timely and poignant action.

The whole issue of council amalgamation has been a disaster and another example of just how far out of touch our politicians are.

The area has gone from having three councils, each with a General Managers on ridiculous salaries to one having one General Manager and two assistant General Managers, all still on their ridiculous salaries PLUS a “has been” politician given a “job for the boys” appointment, again at rate payers expense, where is the cost saving here?

The net result to us, the great unwashed masses who pay for these all this, extra cost.

The benefits, if there will ever be any, will be many years and several rate rises in the future; and if previous examples of amalgamation are to be a guide, no savings will ever materialise, but we will get reduced services and higher rate charges to pay Mike Baird’s folly.


Greg Mutton


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