No commitment for trauma recovery services: Full Stop Australia calls on Federal Government to invest in recovery services for survivors

Full Stop CEO Hayley Foster is calling for Federal Action.


THE draft National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032 has been announced with four key pillars: prevention, early intervention, response and recover.

However, Full Stop Australia, an organisation dedicated to supporting people affected by sexual, domestic or family violence in Australia, has called out the lack of commitments yet to be made which support trauma recovery services.

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Chief Executive Officer, Hayley Foster, has called on the Federal Government to commit to greater service integration so that all survivors are supported to recover from the trauma they have experienced.

“Currently there is no national framework to ensure that survivors of sexual, domestic and family violence can access trauma recovery services,” Ms Foster said.

“The focus is on the initial crisis when a victim-survivor attempts to flee the violence or the perpetrator comes into contact with the justice system, and so many survivors of sexual, domestic and family violence are left stranded in their recovery, having to navigate confusing systems and services, being forced to relive their trauma on a daily basis.

“GPs and other health professionals currently have no clear referral pathways for someone who discloses sexual, domestic and family violence, and survivors often have to go from service to service retelling their traumatic incident,” Ms Foster said.

Full Stop Australia is calling on both major parties to make a commitment to a national integrated trauma recovery model of care as part of their commitment to tackle sexual, domestic and family violence.

The organisation has presented a model of a national ‘hub’ which would act as a 24/7 trauma counselling, referral, and information gateway, providing online resources, as well as workforce training, development and clinical consultation.

“There needs to be a national framework to ensure that all survivors can access the trauma-informed care they need, and this should wrap around the individual, so that survivors aren’t left to carry the burden.”

“No matter your age, your gender, or where you live, if you have been impacted by sexual, domestic or family violence, you should be able to easily access appropriate services that include a focus on recovery,” Ms Foster said.

Full Stop Australia says that this national ‘hub’ would ensure that all survivors in Australia can access localised, wrap-around care, regardless of where they first go to disclose their experiences of violence and abuse and no matter when the traumatic incidents occurred.

The organisation has a team of expert counsellors who are trauma specialists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone or online.

For more information, or to access Full Stop Australia services, head to



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