No More Plastic Toys At Coles Checkouts

Children in Port Stephens enjoying books together without any plastic.


PLASTIC: it’s in our foods, our waterways, it is killing our wildlife and is one of this century’s biggest environmental issues.

Yet, for far too long, plastic has been used for cheap promotions and throw away disposable implements.

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Children’s toys are heavy on plastic these days and now, the era of a plastic giveaway at the supermarket checkout to promote loyalty is seemingly coming to an end.

In its Together to Zero commitment Coles has launched a National Sustainability campaign committing to no longer give away plastic collectible toys.

As part of its ambition to be Australia’s most sustainable supermarket, Coles Group is launching a national campaign that brings to life and celebrates its recently launched Sustainability Strategy under the pillars of ‘Together to Zero’ and ‘Better Together’.

Commencing Sunday 25 July, the campaign highlights Coles’ aspiration towards zero waste, zero emissions and zero hunger.

Having recently stopped selling single-use plastic tableware, Coles has also reviewed the sustainability of its marketing campaigns and has today committed to no longer give away plastic collectible toys.

Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson said while collectible toy programs like Little Shop and Stikeez have been popular with customers in the past, they no longer align with Coles’ sustainability ambitions or with customers’ preferences and priorities.

“Coles has been in the lives and homes of Australians for more than 100 years and our unique position in Australia comes with responsibility,” Ms Ronson said.

“As part of our Together to Zero mission, we’ve been reviewing our marketing campaigns through a sustainability lens.

“While very popular, we must listen to our customers who say their priorities are changing.

“We are proud to be now using our marketing platforms to raise awareness of our sustainability ambition which is focussed on acting together now for generations of Australians ahead.

“We are committed to innovating when it comes to packaging so that where we can’t eliminate packaging and plastic, we are ensuring it’s contributing to the circular economy by being produced with recycled content where possible, as well as being recyclable.”

Chairman of Clean Up Australia Pip Kiernan said what we are seeing here is strategy in action by Coles to reduce single use plastics.

“Coles is being true to their word that they want to be the most sustainable supermarket in Australia and is taking deliberate steps to get there.

“It’s simple steps together with our millions of volunteers that powers Clean Up Australia.

“We are really encouraged to see Coles making meaningful changes to all parts of their business,” Ms Kiernan said.



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