North Arm Cove initiative demands change

Original Plans for North Arm Cove, formerly known as Port Stephens City.


THE North Arm Cove Rate Payers Association have unveiled the North Arm Cove initiative, a revisitation of the plans of Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin for the North Arm Cove paper subdivisions.

The association includes land owners in North Arm Cove who are part of the current paper subdivision land status, a term deemed by the NSW Government Department of Planning & Environment as, “Land containing lots that only have recognition on paper and, in most cases, have no formed roads, drainage, reticulated water, sewer or electricity.”

Lands in these paper subdivisions have a variety of owners, including investors who have purchased lots as an investment with the hope that one day they may be zoned to enable development to occur.

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There are many generations of land owners in North Arm Cove, many who have passed away, never seeing the chance to develop on their lots.

The North Arm Cove Rate Payers pay 5% of the total Mid Coast Council rates, yet are unable to inhabit their lots for more than two days at a time without Council approval.

In a statement on the MidCoast Council’s website it is stated, “Land in paper subdivisions that are located within an existing rural or environmental zone will be considered as part of the MidCoast Rural Strategy.

“This land represents only one component of what is a complex rural environment; and given these areas are already recognised as having significant constraints by the NSW State Government and Council, rezoning these areas for urban purposes is highly unlikely.

“Community consultation on the draft Rural Strategy is expected to occur in 2021.”

The North Arm Cove initiative is about enhancing the area, delivering a “sustainable, resilient, equitable, affordable, smart, and vibrant community in North Arm Cove.”

The association is only in its early days, but has already seen support from the Walter Burley Griffin Society, Henry Halloran Trust (University of Sydney) and various land owners.

North Arm Cove has a significant history, and was once even deemed ‘Port Stephens City’.

For more information about the Initiative visit the Facebook page or follow News Of The Area’s ongoing coverage of the issue.



15 thoughts on “North Arm Cove initiative demands change

  1. The land has been traded for years in the Hope’s of it being rezoned. Clearly there are reasons not shared with landholders and the payment of rates in itself bestows rights on those landholders to honest and fair dealings from both local councils and state regulators.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to be informed on updates for land owners paying rates in NAC., I’ve owned a block in Tenterfield Cres, for going on 7 years, and feeling ripped off by council.
    Thanks Dan.

    1. G’day Dan,
      Mate best you get in contact with Renate through the red email link above. That’s the rate payers association. [email protected] It’d be good to join in there if you want to keep up with the or get involved. It’ll cost you $15.00 to join the association. Some well schooled members who know what’s involved and it’s a legit avenue to lobby State government. See what you think mate
      Regards Mark

  3. Am looking to buy a piece of land in hopes of building in next few years.
    Do any of ypu believe this land will ever be approved for building a little eco friendly dream home ?

  4. I am thinking of buying land in north arm cove until i came across alot of articles stating a long awaited rezoning issue spanning over 20 years.. would it be safe to purchase here?, or am should i look else where.. thanks in advance.

  5. I Do not feel ( ripped off by the council) as you do, because they didn’t sell me the land. How ever I do feel that I along with all other land owners are not getting any value from paying rates on a block of land that you can neither use or get too. because the road is no longer owned by council. I ALSO feel that the ones selling these blocks(non urban) or not telling the buyer everything . or letting them know to check with the council. This way the buyer knows what they are doing before signing any contract papers.

  6. We have two properties in North Arm Cove and it is obvious that NSW state, Hunter region and Mid Coast council plans will never consider NAC as a future development opportunity. I am currently watching the BTTF NAC Desim competition video series and am very impressed by the quality of the presentations. I hope our leaders and decision makers watch the videos too and understand the potential social,economic, environment and heritage value of NAC. Meanwhile, as owners I believe it is time to communicate with all the owners and find out if they are happy to take up the option of presenting our case to the local NAC state MP and the NSW Planning minister. Todate, we have met my local PM and the Hunter Region executive officer and written to the council. It was an educational experience but the result was same ie there is now chance of NAC being part of the planning narrative. Can we as owners collaborate and communicate with over 60% owners to share the vision of NAC as a Australia’s planned city and present the case to the minister.. We will be joining the NAC Initiative. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. au
    Anjana and Virend .

  7. I meant no chance of NAC being part of the planning ……(not now chance of NAC being part of the planning……)

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